Not only can Valdez Professional Multi Services restore peace of mind, our qualified tax specialists possess the knowledge and experience necessary to rectify pending tax files for individuals. By voluntarily submitting your non-filed returns through our offices, equitable settlements can be more readily negotiated between you and the IRS and tax penalties and interest payments might be substantially reduced.

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Tax penalties, interest and additional levies imposed by the IRS for unpaid back taxes will steadily increase and should never be ignored. Some individuals may actually have the necessary funds at their disposal to write a sizable check to resolve the problem of back taxes owed; however, others cannot afford to pay their entire tax debt at once. In either case, taxpayers can turn to Valdez Professional Multi Services for information and guidance on all available settlement options that you can negotiate with the IRS.

​What distinguishes Valdez Professional Multi Services from other tax services offices?

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​​Free consultation for residents with unfiled tax returns

What are the benefits that come from working with Valdez Professional Multi Services?  

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​The consequences of postponing payment of unpaid back taxes

An effective tax preparation is necessary and is a fundamental component in overall security. In addition to preparing your personal or self-employed income tax return, Valdez Professional Multi Services provides strategic solutions that reduce tax burdens and optimizes your income tax returns.

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Do you need reliable help in the preparation and filing of personal income tax forms?

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Valdez Professional Multi Services provides a wide range of personal taxation services which are geared for individuals and families. Whether you own your own business or work for others, Valdez Professional Multi Services tax specialists remain well-versed in all recent federal and state tax laws to ensure optimal financial benefits at the time when the refund is determined.

Remember that when tax payments are extensively delayed, outstanding tax debt rapidly swells to several times the original amount owed on your income tax return. To reduce penalties and circumvent further financial misfortune, contact us.

Experience in the operating systems, dedication to accuracy and qualified expertise is available to local and out of the area taxpayers that are seeking maximum tax savings and minimal liability. Committed to understanding each client’s objectives, Valdez Professional Multi Services develops customized tax plans following an in-depth consultation:

•​ Comprehensive review and assessment of all tax and related documents

•​ Rapid electronic filing and prompt refunds

•​Tax planning beyond the taxation period

•​ Estate and trust planning

•​ Informed application of any pertinent personal income exemption

•​ Risk avoidance and the minimization of federal or state income tax audit

Valdez Professional Multi Services provides guidance on a full range of approaches that promote tax savings and improve cash flow; it allows clients to develop and attain their financial goals.

The first step to rectify a tax file involves the professional preparation of all unfiled returns, a knowledgeable assessment of all payments and penalties owed, and the implementation of Valdez Professional Multi Services strategies to relieve or reduce tax liability.
Delaying the handling of your non-filed taxes will result in the IRS filing on your behalf with little or no consideration for deductions to which you are rightfully entitled. Managing your own unfiled returns is not recommended in cases of tax delinquency, we recommend that you get professional assistance.

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Whether you have already been contacted by the IRS or state tax department for taxes owed, or if you are seeking information about an audit, contact our office for a discreet and free consultation to learn more.

Valdez Professional Multi Services’ services include several methods that minimize liability, tax loss selling, income splitting, pension plan contributions, and determining tax exempt investment income.  The birth of a child, a marriage or divorce and other life changing events affect tax declaration. Qualified Valdez Professional Multi Services' prepares manage all of these to your advantage. Our clients are guided in their tax related decisions with regard to real estate transactions, cashing out stock options and additional transactions that become very significant during the tax time.
For an in-depth review of the many benefits to be gained through strategic tax management contact our office.  (323) 597-1595

Non-filed tax returns incur hefty penalties for every individual whether they are employees or self-employed

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