Marriage Based Immigration

Whether you are a US citizen petitioning your parents, children or siblings, we can help you.  We can help you to apply for a green card for a relative if you are a permanent resident.  Do not try to fill out the forms without proper guidance.  The laws often are modified by changes mandated by federal courts, Homeland Security or changes in federal regulations. If you have questions,

call or send us an email. (SEE MORE)


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Keeping family together

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A popular area of immigration law, K visas, are utilized by immigrants engaged to US citizens.  We have assisted hundreds of couples beginning a new life together in America.  The procedure is often full of challenges ranging from document review to time delays and questions regarding the validity of the relationship.  You deserve to be united with your true love as soon as possible.  We have assisted American citizens whose fiancées are all over the world waiting to enter the US. (SEE MORE)

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There are a variety of ways to get your green card. Our constant review of the latest changing procedures to secure legal permanent residence status will help you achieve the best outcome possible on your green card application. (SEE MORE)

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we want to help you to reunite with your family

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k-Visas for Fiancées

Using our extensive experience on several immigration cases and our daily reviews of new developments in the field of immigration law, we offer you the best consultation available.
We have successfully assisted our clients by reviewing their green card and citizenship applications when they were unreasonably delayed.  Whether you need a review on a delay in your case or a refusal in your visa, an appeal might be necessary. 
Our office has successfully helped applicants for naturalization and derivative citizenship.  Please call 323-597-1595 or send an email at: (SEE MORE)


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At Valdez Professional Multi Services, we are very passionate about delivering personalized service to each of our clients. Once we identify our clients’ needs, we work towards helping them to find a solution rather than just giving advice only. We successfully assist our clients with Citizenship, K-1 & K-2 Visas, I-130 Visa Petitions, I-485 Adjustment of status, I-751 removing conditions from residency and many more. (SEE MORE)

The most common way to become a lawful resident, applying for residence through marrying a US citizen, is often misunderstood by people who think it is an “easy” way to get a green card but is not, so do not do it alone. Many couples call us after a bad experience that resulted from trying to do the process on their own or without help from an experienced consultant. (SEE MORE)

Family Based Immigration and Green Cards



Being able to reunite you with your loved ones is the most important part of our daily work, because we know what it means to be separated from the family.

Our conviction is to help keep families together